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A business owner can use promotional gifts to promote a business in several ways. The most general way, perhaps, is simply to give these free gifts away. A promotional pen can be given to anyone who passes through your door. Most customers walk away with a pen in hand which they will use. Just make sure that the pen has your company info engraved or imprinted on it.

Reward customers who are particularly loyal to your company with free promotional gifts. Give promotional items to potential customers as thank you gift for registering or visiting your business. They will then keep you in their memory if they need to use your activities or services again.

Offer promotional items to customers as an incentive to buy more of your products or services whenever your business needs a boost of purchases. At the end-of-sale, you might offer a coffee mug customized with your information and logo, to your client for purchasing a certain amount. The customers, who are then spending a sum of money in your store on a regular basis, then qualify for free promotional items.

For your web based business, you can offer free promotional gifts for all site visitors. Reward with mouse pad, pen set or customized Tee Shirt to those who subscribe to your newsletter. Provide some kind of incentives to participate your site survey. New visitors can enjoy free entry, and this will generate a strong sales database in the process.

Hand over promotional products to your customers and potential customers while you are taking your business to a trade show or to a convention. A quality promotional gift in their hand given by you will make sure that your company stands out in their minds while they are trying to make a decision.

Giving such kind of promotional gifts which can meet a customers needs is the best way to promote your business with promotional items. Offer customized carry case with the sale of every laptop will make for good promotion and is something the customer is likely to use.

Arranging some kind of competitions to promote your business can be a useful tactic too. Put together an attractive package of promotional items with your company logo and information. Your customers can enjoy the excitement of the competition, and you will be able to deliver the information into the hands of some customers who in turn will promote your business.

Holidays are the best time of the year to promote your business with free customized gifts. During the New Years Eve, calendars can be an excellent choice as by this time your customers are thinking about coming year and the purchasing of a new calendar. It is important to make the holiday gifts relevant and useful so that your customer will use it.

Send a birthday gift to your special customers. You can send them an inexpensive mug or shirt. With this, your customer will become more loyal to you as you have remembered them on their special day.

Promoting your business does not only mean to get noticed and remembered by customers, but also to promote your business internally. Reward your employees and associates with customized gifts for their loyal services and co-operation. This process will make your business more successful.

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